Chiara Cesaraccio was born in 1994 in Verona, a city of art and UNESCO heritage, where she grew up in contact with the Beauty. She won a scholarship at IED Florence -European Institute of Design- in the area of Shoes and accessories Design.


Chiara and her signature collection “Atlantis” were published on Vogue Italia in the January 2018 issue. With the occasion, Chiara was presented as a finalist in the contest of Vogue and Rene Caovilla: “The Future footwear generation”, a world-wide competition aiming to gather new talents in the field of shoe design.

Chiara is a designer of handbags, shoes and accessories worked for many both international and Italian companies, collaborating with some of the major luxury brands, and her designs are displayed all over the world: in Shanghai, London, Milan, Montecarlo, Doha (Qatar), Australia, Costa Smeralda (Italy) and USA.


Passion and love for tradition are the keywords to express the work of the young designer, who wants to make beauty his constant ideal.


Chiara Cesaraccio shoes want to tell a story:

the Italian Story.
From the ideation, that comes from Sardinian Italian Tradition, to the research of the finest,traditional and precious materials and, at the end,

the artisanal production.

The production is based in the district of

Figline Valdarno, Florence:


Our collections are made entirely in Italy and are manufactured by highly talented master craftsmen with years of experience.

Our care for shoes beyond the simple manufacturing and is expressed
in an in-depth and constant research of precious and hight quality italian fabrics, that shows the italian taste and tells the italian history and tradition.



Chiara Cesaraccio’s shoes collections represent a constant search of unique “worlds” that have disappeared, have been forgotten, or, more simply, have not been valued:


Fabrics and goldsmith traditions, such as buttons and su kokku amulets
from the Italian island of Sardinia, considered by many the lost Atlantis.


Each pair of shoes of Chiara Cesaraccio’s collection will be sell with his personal jewels attached.
The costumer will have the possibility to removed or/and added the jewels from/to the shoes, as prefers:

Infact, just like a real charm, the jewels can be purchased also individually, so the client can customize their own shoes.

Chiara Cesaraccio’s shoes are embellished

with su kokku charms:

It is believed that the su kokku amulet will protect its bearer from evil by absorbing negative energy and ultimately breaking, leaving the person unharmed.

The su kokku is made of 925 filigree silver

or gold and stone, that transfers pure energy.

It helps to balance emotions in order

to achieve absolute harmony.


The Buttons are traditional Sardinian silver or gold filigree jewels, hand-sewn by Italian artisans, that are telling the feminine and delicate side of the woman.
Legend said that the Sardinian filigree was the work of the Janas fairies, who spent nights weaving thin threads of silver and gold.
The buttons, resembling the breasts of the god mother Tanit, symbolize the femininity and gentleness of women.

High quality Italian Suede & Leather.

Insert made by the oldest and

most valuable velvet called “terziopelo”.

The “Terziopelo” or triple pile, counts over 9,000 threads and was woven on a special loom.

To date, there is only one loom in Italy capable of weaving this fabric.


Our care for shoes is beyond the simple

manufacturing and is expressed
in an in-depth and constant research

of precious and hight quality italian fabrics, that express the italian taste and tells

the italian history and tradition.

Chiara Cesaraccio’s shoes want to tell a story, the Italian Story, through shapes and fabric. 

For this reason, we chose to identify our shoes with a “filo” (thread) as an insert on the internal sole:

during the weaving process, infact, the threads of the weft and warp are woven together

to create harmonic texture.