“Trame che raccontano, Mani che tramandano”


Chiara Cesaraccio’s Atlantis Spring Summer collection

represents a constant search of unknown “worlds”

that have disappeared, have been forgotten, or, more simply, have not been valued:

The collection is inspired by the floral motifs of Terziopelo velvet, traditional

costume’s embroidery and goldsmith traditions, such as buttons and su kokku

amulets from the Italian island of Sardinia,

considered by many the lost Atlantis.

“Trame che raccontano, Mani che tramandano”


The Nocturne Fall Winter collection

is inspired by traditional jewels and mysticism linked

to the protection of jewelry as an amulet over the centuries.

A night vision from the blue of the night to the orange of the sun:

an alchemical transformation through the “aurum”,

which has the ability to promote healing,

growth and knowledge.